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Steal My Style : Leopard Top feat. Washed Jeans


Saya harus mengakui bahwa… IYA! saya suka banget leopard pattern. hahaha.
Gak tau kenapa, jadi pas nemu top yang saya pakai ini, rasanya bahagia banget :’)

Foto-foto di bawah ini, di fotoin sama temen saya, namanya Bressiona Chastity ( @bchastity )

Location : Chees Cake Factory, Cikini.
Head to toe :
  • Choco Brown Kaffah by Saturday Market
  • Leopard top by Yuan
  • Love Belt by Magnolia
  • Studder washed jeans by ZARA
  • Nude wedges by Marie Clarie
Hope you can enjoy those pictures above 🙂
Chacha Thaib | @chachathaib

Not allowed to copy & paste photo without permission. Copyright of chachathaib . blog

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